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So You're a Singer in the greater Washington, DC metro area?

Whether you are a professional singer, or just want to enjoy a warble in the shower, there are basic techniques that will prolong the life of your vocal instrument, improve your health, strengthen your singing apparatus, and make the experience more enjoyable for you AND your audience! With ten years of classical training, 30 years of professional singing and 27 years of teaching under my belt, I've learned how to protect, exercise, feed and otherwise maintain our very precious vocal instruments. I work with singers at every level, from beginners to professionals, specializing in those who've injured their instruments.

Here is an example of me singing the Cantos de Arriero da Fonsagrada - an ancient Gallego folk song:


1 hour lesson (recommended): $55, or half hour lesson: $35
  1. We explore the vocal instrument and all its functions: you will learn exercises to increase awareness of breathing, and stretches for the muscles that are involved.
  2. Internal acoustics explored through exercises, charts, demonstrations and visualizations.
  3. Ear training and tone placement exercises for pitch sensitivity.
  4. How to achieve volume through acoustic and laryngeal control.
  5. Working the instrument with range expanding, flexibility and acoustic placement exercises.

The bottom line is that you will achieve a knowledge of the instrument within you and how to use it to the best of your ability. This knowledge will decrease wear and tear on your instrument and prolong its use, range, flexibility and pitch indefinitely.

References available on request

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