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So you live in the Washington, DC metro area and want to play the bodhrán?

Barbara playing the bodhran You love rhythm and the energy of beaten drums!
You've listened to Celtic music and are captivated by the drive and ornamentation of the bodhrán, and you want to know how to play one!
That was me in the early eighties.
I went to Ireland, bought a bodhrán in Dingle and have never looked back!
However, there are techniques that are essential to learn to prevent injury, not only to yourself, but by others who can't stand a poor sense of rhythm, machine gun volume and/or boring accompaniment
I'm here to help!

Bodhrán Lessons:

1 hour lesson (recommended): $55, or half hour lesson: $35
  1. Learn the physical control behind playing the bodhrán with a beater/tipper to avoid injury.
  2. Explore standard beats (4 & 3 beat based rhythms) and group playing etiquette.
  3. Become aware of the tone/pitch properties of the bodhrán and how to apply this knowledge.
  4. Find out about the variety of tones available at diverse positions of drum and beater, including playing the wooden rim.
  5. Increase the speed of your attack.
  6. Learn how to best represent diverse time signatures and insert variations.
  7. Understand the structure of tunes and how best to follow lead instruments.
  8. Learn other forms of percussion in Celtic music.

References available on request.


Copyright © 2012 Barbara Ryan

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